The Latest Trends in Email Marketing You Should Know

Laptop with hollographic mailsThe past years were stellar ones for email marketing, as some 70% of consumers picked emails as their preferred option for brand communication in multiple research studies last year. Email marketing, therefore, still plays an integral part in digital marketing.

There is, however, no guarantee that what worked in email marketing campaigns in the years before will work today. There are several strategies and tactics a company engaging in email marketing services can help you adapt to remain relevant and get a handsome ROI with your campaigns currently.

Here are some of the latest trends your email marketing experts might recommend.

AI-Powered Marketing

Content optimization is among the critical targets for artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Various AI applications help in evaluating your target audiences and generating the emotions and languages in your content tailored to their specific needs.

AI-powered emails offer your clients a personalized experience hence create more profound experiences and invoke the right emotions.

Visual Marketing

Images can communicate a thousand words, but videos can significantly multiply these thousand words. One of the best ways to keep clients interested and engaged is through use of videos in your emails. GIFs and HTML5 are among the current video formats used in emails.

Hyper-Segmented Email Automation

As customer inboxes flood with emails, yours should stand out. The ideal way to ensure this is through creating an automation series for clients based on their different needs, characteristics and interests.

Hyper-segmentation allows you to group your audience and send more targeted and relevant emails leading to high click-through rates and overall email ROI. Self-selected automation allows your subscribers to select their type of email content and this skyrockets sales and engagement.

Change is inevitable. Over the years, old email marketing techniques might have generated excellent results for your brand. However, for your campaign to make it in the current time, you need to adopt the latest strategies.