The Longest and Most Memorable Matches in Tennis

Longest Matches in TennisMany other sports have a set time to finish their games, tennis isn’t one of them. That is why some of its most epic and memorable matches have lasted more than half a day or even more than a day.

The narratives that play out with each serve and volley are some of the things you will watch unfold when you purchase Australian Open tickets or any Grand Slam match. Read on to know more about it.

3 Days

You might be asking yourself, a tennis match that took three days to finish. How is that possible? It happened in one of the biggest stages of the sport at Wimbledon. The two players that ducked it out were not exactly an up and coming player looking to knock out a multiple time champion. John Isner, an American, and the Frenchman Nicolas Mahut started their match typically, with sets ending each way in average times. However, once they reached the fifth and final set, the extended play reached 11 hours and 5 minutes before Isner came out the victor.

Almost 6 Hours

If you want intrigue and stories of legendary proportions, the match between the two legends of tennis Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic in the 2012 Australian Open final is one of the most compelling. Lasting 5 hours and 53 minutes, the Serb defeated the Spaniard in five sets. Spectators got what they wanted in a finals match with higher stakes when both players exchanged volleys and serves in one of the most prestigious tournaments in tennis.

Becker Defeats McEnroe in a 1987 Davis Cup Match

Before there was Federer Vs. Nadal or Djokovic, there was McEnroe Vs. Becker. Every time the two faced each other, spectators knew they got their money’s worth. Their encounter in the 1987 Davis Cup was one for the books as it lasted for 6 hours and 21 minutes, before Becker delivered the victory for his country.

When you buy tickets to a sporting event, you aren’t just watching two players return serves and volleys, you watch someone turn into a legend or match become history.