Three Tricks to Making Your Website’s Visitors Fall In Love at First Click

Woman interested on a websiteGetting a person to click on your link is a major achievement. However, that is just the start. It is getting them to stay on your page that is the real task.

As soon as the page loads, you have less than three seconds to get them to focus on something on your page. Here are three proven ways to make them fall in love with what they see.

1. Invest in a stunning design.

Having an aesthetic website can get visitors ready to stick around your homepage longer. Have a competent digital creative agency, such as Voodoo Creative, put together a website that incorporates the four principles of web design, namely balance, emphasis, rhythm, and unity.

Your choice and organisation of colour, font, and content need to be excellent and compelling.

2. Keep things simple.

The temptation to overdo things as you try to make your website captivating can be irresistible. But, keep in mind that a website that is too fancy and detailed can work against you.

If the content is overwhelming, visitors will simply click the next button. So make sure that you have easy-to-read text, plenty of white space and clear call to action buttons.

3. Focus on mobile optimisation.

The majority of people today browse online, using tablets and smartphones. People love a website that can fit on the screen of their phones and has a font that is big enough to read. Make sure you are using a responsive design, one that also enhances usability.

Make sure that the videos on your website can play just fine on mobile phones. Do not forget to keep testing the site in case there is a problem.

The secret to getting people to keep coming back to your website is to make sure they have a good impression the first time. By just doing a few essential things, you can make everyone who visits your website fall in love with it.