Top 3 Reasons for Running a Mobile Only AdWords Campaign

Google AdWords informationAre you looking for a way to maximize your resources and reach your intended audience effectively? One of the strategies to achieve those goals is to focus on mobile only AdWords campaigns. Experts from Denver SEO companies make the following case for implementing this approach.

Bid Adjustments

One of the reasons to create a separate campaign for mobile devices is because of different bid adjustments. People use desktops and smartphones or tablets for varying reasons and at different times. You’ll need to use the right keywords to reach your audience at a particular touch point. The keywords they use are also likely to be different.

Focusing on a mobile device allows you to narrow your set of search terms and directs your bids for these. You’ll have a specific strategy that also shrinks your market into people further down the sales funnel and are likely to convert.

Monitoring Results

You’ll want as many data and information as possible to project the success rates of campaigns and identify patterns in the behavior of your intended audience. A specific campaign allows you to do these. After mining the data, you’ll be able to customize a campaign based on what works for a particular group of people or a certain locale. This approach improves your conversion rates or at least moves a person further down the sales funnel.

Different Behaviors

One campaign for both mobile and desktop users results in inefficiency. People use both devices in different ways. The way a person browses while on a bus or train, or when they are queuing is different from the way they do while at home sitting in front of their computer. You’ll get a distinct response or elicit a certain emotion based on where or how a potential customer browses your pages.

The numbers don’t lie. Around 45% of all clicks are from smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices, while 27% of conversions are also from said devices. Create a separate mobile-only campaign to get the results you want.