Top 3 Techniques to Maximize the Effectiveness of Internal Linking

SEO information on a laptopLaunching a site, refreshing an old one, or restructuring content are strategies that boost SEO value and ranking. Experts from Denver on SEO services all agree that internal link building is a crucial part of those campaigns mentioned in the previous sentence. Implementing certain practices allows you to maximize your site’s potential.

The following are some techniques that make full use of internal linking:

Flow of the Links

The value of a link passes from one page to another within your website using the same logic. Knowing where particular links land on your page is important to your website’s structure and ranking on results pages. Simply linking pages to each other won’t cut it; you’ll need a clear plan and direction to achieve the results you want.

Streamlining navigation and clearly defining where a link goes allows you to direct value where you want it to go. This allows you to funnel a visitor further down the sales channel or boost the results page rank of the pages you deem important to the goals you set, whether it is to fill out a form or convert a person into a customer.

Deep Linking

The internal links of your website must go deeper than the Contact Us and homepage. The two have several links to them already, whether it is internally or externally driven. Look for other pages to give value. Doing so boosts the overall ranking of your site and boosts other types of content that your audience might be looking for.

Relevancy of Links

Internal linking isn’t only about links to other pages for the sake of having them. Linking to other relevant pages on your website not only improves user experience, but also sends value and juice to these pages. This approach also boosts your authority in the eyes of your intended audience. You’ll become a major source of information about a certain topic.

These are some of the practices you can implement to drive value and link juice to different pages of your website. Doing so boosts your conversion rates, clicks and domain authority.