Top Reasons to Make Your Web Design Simple and Neat

Web Design ConceptThe design of your website is important as it affects user experience positively or negatively. Too much content and features have negative effects such as slow page loading time, confusion and an increased bounce rate. Experts from a design studio in Sydney say simplicity is important to a website. These are the reasons to keep your site clean, neat and simple:

Minimal Distractions

A clean layout allows visitors to focus their attention on the content, whether it is photos and videos. It allows you to convey your brand message and sales pitch effectively. Too much noise may cause unnecessary confusion and detracts from your value proposition. It is also easier to direct visitors to parts of your page that you want them to go to.

Faster Load Times

The reduction of unnecessary photos, videos, texts and whatnot improves load times. The loading of complex animations may prevent your page from appearing as soon as a user clicks on the link. If the site takes too much time, a person may simply click the back button or close the tab and look elsewhere. Keep in mind that sometimes the difference between a conversion and a bounced visitor is site speed.

Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

A simplified design is both responsive and mobile-friendly; both features are necessary for the success of your campaigns. More and more people are using their smartphones and other devices to look for products, services and establishments.

Draws Attention to Call-to-Action

A simple layout makes it easier for visitors to identify the call-to-action button. A clean design that leverages white space allows you to lead a user to the action you want them to take because there is no clutter or information overload on a page.

A simplified and clean website design has many other advantages other than those listed here. This is an instance where less is more. A simpler layout allows you to convert at a better rate and improve user experience.