Trade Show Tricks to Make Your Booth Stand Out

Trade ShowsEvery company that takes part in trade shows should not only seek to attract participants but to stand out among exhibitors. Being able to market your business in a trade show is a great opportunity, so why not make the most of it? Small to medium businesses, in particular, deserve this moment to create brand awareness.

To make your exhibit a hit among trade show visitors, try to learn these tricks.

Have an exhibit or booth plan.

Before setting up your booth, plan what you will exhibit. The plan must consider the location, your target market, the trade show theme, your strategies, and the overall cost. A plan will make scouting for suppliers and setting the booth up easier.

Create a magnet.

Install something in your booth that will act as a magnet, effortlessly attracting your prospective customers. You can put pop-up displays that will hook the attention of passersby, or eye-catching presentations and attractive graphics that will encourage them to stay and watch. Explore innovative ideas and avoid blending in with other companies. A bit of quirkiness in your team won’t harm your business, too.

Don’t lose track of your core message.

The uniqueness of your trade show booth will be an advantage, but don’t overdo it. Remember that your exhibit has a message to convey about your brand so don’t lose track of it. The trick is to be unconventional enough without overwhelming your potential clients.

Interface with your visitors.

Companies should not only focus on fancy signage to generate sales but also on how they can make the sales or marketing process effective. Look at how you can create meaningful conversations with people. It’s better if you choose a well-performing employee who can keep the discussion going.

Break the ice with relevant games.

Conducting games is an effective way to interact with your booth visitors. Prepare freebies and other promotional items you could give away to participants. Everyone loves the word “free”; giveaways will certainly bring them all to your booth. Make sure that your games and premiums depict your brand or highlight your USP.

Trade show exhibits can be your customers’ first point of contact with your brand. Your booth can bring a positive first impression if you can make your visitors’ experiences remarkable. Keep these tricks in mind when planning your next trade show exhibit.