Types of Visual Content That Boost Your Website’s SEO Ranking

a video cameraIt takes a visitor to your site approximately 50 milliseconds to form an impression. It is important to make the best impression within this extremely short period. Words might not be fast enough to achieve this feat, but visual content can ensure that your client is hooked on your site.

Your search engine optimization company in Minnesota might recommend different types of visuals. The ideal one depends on your clients’ demographics and overall message. Sievers Creative cites the most effective visual content forms for a good SEO rank.


These are among the best types of visual content for SEO since they are stimulating and can be easily shared across various platforms. Since they also take some time to play and get your message across, videos will keep clients on your site for a longer period. Fortunately, professional video production is now inexpensive.


These are detailed graphics or charts that provide exciting and concise information on your products and company. They are also very easy to share on several social media platforms; and therefore, will generate considerable backlinks to your site. Infographics are the best option for delivering information that is seemingly difficult to understand with words.


Ensure that the images you use on your site are professional to portray your company and product in the best light. Using bland and stock photos will only paint your site in poor light and drive customers away.

Visual content is projected to attract about 90% of online traffic in the next few years. It is also considerably easier for search engines to index this type of content than text nowadays. By incorporating the above forms of visual content into your website today, you place yourself way ahead of your competitor’s sites in search rankings.