Vintage Engagement Rings Still a Trend in 2016

Vintage Engagement Rings in BoisePeople searching for vintage engagement rings continue to be one of the popular trends in 2016, with sales in Idaho having one of the most numbers of sales.

Several jewelry stores in Boise and other retailers in Idaho have seen a significant amount of demand for classic rings, according to a report. The report analyzed thousands of data points for a pattern of consumers’ shopping behavior in the U.S. over the last year.

In the past, engagement rings came in the form of white diamond rings — the bigger and brighter, the better. But, many people have shifted to other precious stones with more vibrant colors when choosing engagement rings.

State Preferences

In Alaska, most of the people splurged on sapphire rings, while Texas accounted for the highest percentage of ruby ring purchases. Emeralds became a popular choice in Washington, D.C.

These different jewelry choices indicate a changing dynamic on how people want to be unique by selecting a less traditional gem. Some even want their rings to be customized to further embellish that uniqueness.

Still, diamond purchases continued to dominate the broader market. Buyers in California, Washington, D.C., Massachusetts, New York, and Nevada rounded up the top five states with the biggest diamond purchases based on average carat size.

Private Auction

Personal items such as jewelry that belonged to Betsy Bloomingdale, who was married to Bloomingdale business heir Alfred S. Bloomingdale, will be up for bidding on Oct. 7. She passed away in July at the age of 93. Christie's will handle the auction of her private collection, including Harry Winston jewels, in New York on Dec. 7.

If you’re not fond of engaging in a bidding war for luxury items, why not go to a company with a full-time jewelry service department. You’re not only assured of finding different designs, but also certain that you’ve had someone in case you’ll need professional repairs.