Vintage Watches: Important Note on Service, Repair, and Restoration

Vintage Watches in BoiseWhile vintages watches are built to last, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t get yours serviced at least once in a while. Luxury timepieces have a better chance running perfectly over time if they are serviced properly. The recommended time is every three years, but for watches that you only use occasionally like once a month, five years of service is reasonable.

The Capable Watchmaker

When it comes to servicing, you don’t always have to send the watch back to the brand. Apart from being costly, this can also take a few months. While you can take the timepiece to any watch repair shop, be sure that the watchmaker is capable and approved. Note that there are many independent watchmakers out there, but not all of them are capable in a handling a vintage watch.

Think Hard on Restoration

Watch repair centers in Boise note that there are also cases that you may want to spruce up or restore an old watch. Restoration, you believe, can make the watch look more expensive and valuable. The truth is, however, this can remove the true value of the watch. This is especially true of hard-core watches, which are usually preferred in their original condition.

Say No to a Franken Watch

Sometimes, for many valuable pieces, it is better to choose conservation instead of restoration. You don’t want a watchmaker to scavenge or use parts from other brands or use new pieces. This can devalue the watch, as not all parts are authentic. If you or your repair shop has original parts, however, repair and restoration can be a good thing.

Whatever you decide to do with your timepiece, it is worth it to listen to a watchmaker’s advice. You need to sit back and consider what you really want. Know that once you made a decision to what’s going to happen to your timepiece, you can never reverse it once it’s done. This is why if you don’t want your vintage watch to stop running in the future, service it every three or five years.