Ways to Identify Bad Back-links

SEO on a keyboardBack-links still play an important role when it comes to ranking your website on a results page. There are bad and good links; the former pushes your rank down; that’s why you should identify and remove them.

Experts on web design in Denver cite the following techniques that enable you to determine the links that are detrimental to your site.

Sites Made Solely for SEO

Some websites contain several articles that don’t make sense or lack any coherence. The chances are that these sites are only online to generate link juice. Such websites are bad back-links that are detrimental to your search ranking.

One of the common traits of such sites is they use default WordPress themes such as TwentyEleven or their content is a mishmash of topics with no definite niche or focus.

Links from Comments of Other Sites

Bots are circulating online and leaving generic comments such as ‘great article, I like the information, maybe we can work together and other similar ones’. After leaving these comments, the bots will then leave links to websites unrelated to your niche or to a site that is looking for quality back-links.

Such links from comments are bad for your link profile and may have long-term negative effects.

Websites with Poor and Duplicate Texts

Despite search engine updates and better algorithms, some websites just copy content or use the same ones repeatedly. These websites just want to improve their link juice without a clear strategy. These sites have a similar characteristic, they produce content that lacks focus or is incoherent.

They publish several pieces to make it look like they are quality sites.

Links from Other Countries

The location of where you get traffic and links that connect to your website matter. If most of your back-links come from another country like Japan, India or others and your audience and site is in Canada, Australia or the United States, it will have a negative effect on your rankings.

These are some of the ways that enable you to determine bad back-links. Use these to determine poor link juice and remove them to improve your search rank or at least regain lost ground.