Web Development: Now is the Time for HTML5

Web Development in South CarolinaWeb development has slowly, but surely become more manageable and easier over the years. These days, one of the best things in web design is HTML5 and if you’re not already using on your website, you might be missing out on a host of opportunities. So why is HTML5 so great?

  • The Straightforward Code – If you have used all the other codes out there, you definitely know how messy and disorganized coding can get. HTML5, however, will allow you to create more descriptive and clearer code and enable you to effortlessly separate style from function.
  • Full Support for Video and Audio – HTML5 treat audio and video as it does image tags, fully and seamlessly. Even if you need to input a bit more code to make videos work with older browsers that aren’t compatible with HTML5, you’ll only require between five and six lines of additional code.
  • Support for Mobile – You know by now that mobile is big, right? With HTML5, users can view content in a proper full-screen mode with options for zooming and defining width, says Real Creative Digital and other web design experts in South Carolina.
  • Full Geolocation Support – HTML5 is capable of using whatever it can get access to for acquiring user location, your IP address, GPS, and Wi-Fi, among others. However, you should also give your users the option to disable this tracking feature.
  • Support for Games – Using HTML5 for creating games is virtually effortless due to the tag [canvas]. Additionally, it will be easier for you to resolve any problems because of how HTML5 displays code.
  • Content Storage – HTML 5 caches content similar to the earlier cookies method, but with the addition of the cloud technology. This will decrease load time since you can store and load previous data straight from the browser.
  • Browser Compatibility – It works on all browsers, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer. You simply have to add a little code to enable support for older browsers.

All in all, what more can you possibly ask for right? With HTML5, your site can support virtually everything there is to be supported, which in turn improves UX or user experience and engagement. So what are you still waiting for?