What is Link Building and Why is it Important?

Importance of Link BuildingLink building is still one of the qualifications search engines use to rank websites. Over the years, Google has put an emphasis on the importance of quality links. Gone are the days when you’d just put thousands of links and end up on the first page of the Google search results page. Google now puts more emphasis on quality over quantity. Black-hat SEO techniques may work for a short period, but you may end up being penalized by search engines.

This is why it’s very important to hire an experienced Denver SEO company to build an effective link building campaign. This is a huge investment you’re making that guarantees you more sales and revenue for your business. Link building refers to the process of finding places that will link to your content.

Here are the factors that determine if a given link is worthwhile.

Sends traffic

A quality link not only passes ranking value from one site to the other, it should also send you targeted traffic that understands what you have to offer.

Relevant source

Is the site linking to your site in the same niche as you?  Does the content from your backlink relate to the products or services you are offering? Only aim to link to highly relevant sites and not just anywhere.

Trusted source

Your links should come from a credible website. Avoid getting spammy links that are irrelevant to what you offer. This includes domains that have been banned by Google due to the violation of their set terms and conditions.

Number of links

The fewer the links on your page, the more value search engines place on your links. Remember, the harder to acquire a link, the higher quality the link tends to be.

Link building is all about promoting your content to an audience that cares for you to be successful. Build something worth linking to and you are guaranteed more leads in 2016.