What to Prepare for Your AFL Game Family Day

AFL FansSince you and your family members are all AFL fans, why not treat yourselves to watch the game at the stadium? If this is your first time to do it with a group of people don't fret.

Here are a few things to keep in mind to make that family day enjoyable and fun: 

Dress Up Right – You may be a hardy breed, but some of your children may not be up to being exposed to the elements while in an open stadium. If you can get reservations at a game with a covered area, then do so. If not, make sure that everyone is dressed up warm and dry. Avoid watching the game during rainy days and wear scarves, coats, boots and head gear for the colder weather. Try to get a game ticket during the warm weather days as well.

Buy Tickets Beforehand – According to The Ticket Merchant, this helps you in selecting warm weather game viewing for your family. When you buy AFL tickets from reputable online and marketplace sellers, you get to choose the seats, the stadium and even the possible days that have better weather. In some cases, there are even discounts for more than one ticket so do your shopping way before the game date.

Bring Food – It may be a hassle to bring food with you. But if you have four mouths to feed during the game, it would be quite expensive. Also, that's an extra four pair of hands to carry your food stuff around so it won't be that bulky to share the load, and the food, around. Fill a thermos with hot dogs or frankfurters and fill it up with hot water for hot food options. You can even use the water for soup mixes. Just bring hotdog buns and portable mugs for the soup. Of course, bottled water and canteens can help reduce the food budget as well.

And of course, the most important thing is to have fun. It is a football game and family day all in one so it's important that you enjoy yourselves. Hope your team wins too.