What You Should Know Before Shipping Your Personal Belongings to Another Country

International Movers in AucklandFor a successful move, you have to cover all the basics. According to Transworld International Removals Auckland, dealing with international shipping companies is one of the things you may have to do when moving from New Zealand to another country. Moving household belongings from one city to another is one thing. Shipping them off to another country is something else altogether. You must know few things about how they operate, as well as the procedures involved so that you can make informed decisions. Here are a few tips from insiders.

Know your role and responsibility

Once you are dealing with a moving company that also offers international shipment of goods, you are assuming the role of ‘shipper’. If you think you have it easy, since you will just be handing over boxes of stuff for transport, then you got that wrong. You have grave responsibilities as a shipper. You have to supply the necessary documents, accomplish the associated duties as both exporter and importer of goods, and take legal responsibility for the contents of the packages to be shipped. Moreover, you have to pay the charges. Once you sign the dotted line, you are binding yourself to the arrangements as detailed in the contract.

Making the arrangements

The move manager will be in charge of the overall shipping procedures, and represents the company that will ship your belongings. The manager is the person you will be dealing with primarily if concerns arise about the shipment. If you need updates on the status of the packages while they are in transit, you only have to get in touch with the manager for accurate information. If the goods are damaged during the handling and transportation, the manager is the person you talk to about damage claims. This person is in charge of operations, and his or her responsibilities include dispute resolution.

Packing your belongings into boxes is the easy part of moving abroad. When it is time to ship them, it becomes more complicated because you have to deal with freight companies. You can avoid problems and complications by dealing with reputable shipping companies.