What’s So Special about Fort Myers that You Should Live Here?

Waterfront House in Fort MyersFort Myers, a city that originally served as a fort back in the American Indian Wars era, now boasts of so much color, culture, heritage, sites, and attractions. Combined with the fact that it’s nestled just beside the ocean, and you no longer have to wonder why it draws so many tourists every year.

Still wondering what’s so special about Fort Myers? Here are just a few of what it has to offer according to Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

Paradise-like residence that won’t create a huge hole in your wallet.

One of the best qualities of this city is its low average housing prices. With the home price median at $138,500, it has a $17,700 difference between the entire State of Florida’s average housing rates. Compared with the rest of the country, the national median home price of which is $175,700, you can save as much as $37,200. And with the help of a reliable and trustworthy mortgage company in Fort Myers, you can start living in a paradise-like residence that will not destabilize your finances.

Add to that the fact that Fort Myers also boasts of a 3 percent cost of living below the State’s average, and 2 percent below the country’s median, and you will soon start seeing just how great it is to live here.

The ocean right in front (or at the back) of your home.

With Fort Myers sitting just beside the ocean, you can start living in a home with the water as your front (or back) yard. Not only does this give you majestic views of the sea; many studies have also concluded that breathing in ocean air delivers numerous health benefits, especially to one’s respiratory system. This means living in this particular Floridian city gives you a way to boost the length of your lungs, improving your overall health.

There are so many great things about this place that when you ask some of its current residents, they will tell you that they used to live in other cities or states. However, its beauty made them decide to live and raise a family here.