Why Blending Web Design and Function Matters

Web DesignHenry Ford is credited with this statement: “If I had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.” But what does this have to do with web design? Design isn’t just a catchphrase or a beautiful layout; it is an identity, a persona, and an extension of your company. It makes the first impression, which may be a lasting one to some potential customers in your market. These are the reasons that make website design so important in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

Sending a Message

You can send a message (directly or not) to your visitors by the web design you use. The layout may be too cluttered and difficult for a visitor to navigate, which may result in an immediate click of the back button. It may also lead them to explore more pages to share your content or make a purchase. Web design is both form and function; blending the two enables you to convey your unique selling proposition to your audience.

Brand Identity

Your website is an extension of your company; it embodies your organisation’s values, unique selling proposition, differentiation, and branding. Going cheap on design may turn potential customers off or may weaken awareness of your products and services. In Perth, for example, a competitively priced web design doesn’t mean your site will look unprofessional; sometimes the best sites have the simplest layouts and designs.

The use of colours, photos, and logos on your web design enables you to build a strong brand identity and persona. These create top-of-mind awareness within your target market, making associations easier and faster. These make word-of-mouth advertising possible, expanding your reach without going over budget.

Web design is more than aesthetics; it creates associations, raises brand awareness, and enables you to create an identity that your audience recognises. Combining form and function strengthens your hold on your target market.