WordPress and SEO: An Unexpected Match

Person using WordPress on laptopWordPress is the most popular content management system (CMS) used. But web developers and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) experts shouldn’t overlook it. While WordPress may appear simple, it’s capable of so much more, especially in SEO.

WordPress works perfectly for clients who need a website but have no idea how much one would cost. WordPress also works very well on pre-existing, but inefficient websites that do little more than inform your clientele.

If these are concerns of yours, then contact WordPress developers like eLsqrd Media Group is the first step to building (or rebuilding) that website.

Content and Permalink Management

Structure, both for content and permalinks, is a consideration Google makes when ranking your website and WordPress can be helpful with this.

As a CMS, WordPress popularity is only surpassed by its performance. WordPress automatically organizes your content into four categories: pages, blogs, blog posts, blog categories, and blog tags. WordPress can do this by simply sorting through your content based on assigned categories and tags.

WordPress also allows you to optimize your website further by setting your own, personalized permalink structure for blog posts. It also allows you to organize your permalinks for pages even further by using Parent Pages.

Customization through SEO

WordPress gives you access to thousands of themes that are not only easy to customize but also fast-loading. And because speed is one of the factors Google uses to rank websites, the faster your site is, the better.

If these features aren’t enough, WordPress gives you access to hundreds of other third-party plug-ins that allow you to optimize your website through a variety of ways like keyword optimization of content. Some even allow for site-wide SEO configuration.

All sites made on WordPress come with SEO features like allowing a search engine to crawl through its content and to ping search engines when new content is published. And with it unlimited customization and versatility, it’s pretty hard to overlook as a perfect match for SEO.